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Projects that have an emphasis on brand identity, logo design, and design systems that impact various touch points.


Inkling Templates & Content Design

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Inkling Sales Kick Off 2020

A visual identity for Inkling’s annual Sales Team Kickoff 2020

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Crescent and Vine

An herbalist required a logo that respected the esoteric side of her business. Project Brief Design Challenge: what kind of …

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A Diamond Minds Mystery

Logo design and collateral marketing materials for a children’s mystery book series Project Brief Design Challenge: What kind of logo …

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Inkling Memento Stickers

A collection of unique sticker illustrations for each of the social clubs at Inkling.

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Inkling Company Hack-A-Thon

Inkling needed a visual identity to create buzz around the office and bring employees together for its 2019 summer Hack-a-thon event.

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Food Wine Marcy

A personal brand was developed for Marcy Carriker Smothers to represent her professionaland were then disseminated into collateral marketing and website design.

Who is Marcy Carriker Smothers, and how could a brand represent her professional identity?

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OptiRev Rebrand

OptiRev needed a new website to better support their updated brand elements and to better highlight services.

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Roseland School District

Roseland School District wanted to share a powerful message amongst their staff and students.

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The Inverse Tarot

Tarot cards designed with reversed-meaning in the imagery.

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