Category: Print Graphic Design

Projects that have an emphasis on traditional graphic design and printed media.


Inkling Memento Stickers

A collection of unique sticker illustrations for each of the social clubs at Inkling.

View Inkling Memento Stickers

Inkling Company Hack-A-Thon

Inkling needed a visual identity to create buzz around the office and bring employees together for its 2019 summer Hack-a-thon event.

View Inkling Company Hack-A-Thon

Roseland School District

Roseland School District wanted to share a powerful message amongst their staff and students.

View Roseland School District

The Inverse Tarot

Tarot cards designed with reversed-meaning in the imagery.

View The Inverse Tarot

International Relations Journal

The International Relations department at SFSU needed a journal design with consistent typography that was also optimized for a digital reading experience.

View International Relations Journal

School of Design Office

The information system on the office door needed better organization and a visual identity that corresponded with the School of Design at SFSU.

View School of Design Office

Paradise Ridge Winery

Business card designs that feature Paradise Ridge Winery’s famous LOVE sculpture.

View Paradise Ridge Winery

“Clarity” Reductionist Poster

A reductionist poster design that plays with the concept of “clarity” by using color and poetry.

View “Clarity” Reductionist Poster

Novotney Editorial Design

An editorial design supported with relevant typography, infographics, and conceptual imagery.

View Novotney Editorial Design

Destination Intelligence

Destination Intelligence, under new ownership, was in need of a soft rebranding—new collateral marketing materials, promotional deck, and website.

View Destination Intelligence
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