A redesign project of Burpee’s seed packets

Project Brief

Design Challenge: How can the existing packaging design be updated with a new look or branding concept?

Each individual seed packet will be like a color swatch on a painter’s palette: the garden is the canvas, and the gardener is the painter. Each plant will be associated with a specific color. These color swatches will be squares in the lower right corner of each package with both their color and scientific names. The plant will be hand painted by a professional artist, with an emphasis on the brush strokes and paint medium.

The packaging will contain a lot of white space with the swatch possessing the only color. The overall goal is to push the consumer into using color in an expressively artistic mindset using a variety of Burpee products.

Skills & Tools Used:

The Final Product

The final project deliverables included 5 packaging designs, and mailer-card advertisement design, logo-redesign, and style guide booklet.

A photoshoot was staged and the image was used in marketing collateral designs.
Three of the final packaging designs.

Original Paintings

A flower with distinct color was selected. Color schemes remained monochromatic to emphasize the new branding concept of color palate. Each flowers was hand-painted and brought into Photoshop for digitally enhancement.

The redesigned logo simplified the product from a flower into a seed and focused on typography.

Style Guide Booklet

The style guide outlined necessary company research and information, identified branding concepts and goals, and packaged specifications for implementing branding assets.

[A digital copy of the style guide booklet]

Mail Advertisement Design

This advertisement was placed on the front of a mailer card. I directed the photoshoot while taking pictures, and then edited the final image to be used on the ad.

The photoshoot image applied to a mailer card.


The new brand was centralized by the idea that gardening with flowers is a form of artistry. Presenting a range of options encourages the consumer to increase purchases in order to experiment with personal dynamic selection of products.

This project was designed for a digital media course taught at BYU–I (2010).

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