Inkling Sales Kick Off 2020

A visual identity for Inkling’s annual Sales Kickoff event

Inkling SKO Deck 2020 Splash Cover

Project Brief

Design Challenge: What kind of visuals would help rally our sales team together for the next annual kickoff event?

The Inkling sales team meets onsite at the beginning of every fiscal year. During this multi-day series the team renews their goals and training. We were approached with only a few days to put together a slide deck template with a strong visual brand. We were asked to use the message “Summit To Success” as a central concept for the visuals.

Skills & Tools Used:

Final Deck Designs

A handful of slides were created to suit various use-cases. This included intro titles and topics, bullet-points and heavy-text, figures and images, and end-cap slides. Presenters were able to use each of these as a starting point to build out their presentation content.

Opening Slide
Title Slide
Agenda Slide
New Topic Slide
New Topic Slide
Presenter Slide
Text Heavy Slide
A List of Things Slide
Block Quote Slide
Featured Image Slide
Image Collage Slide
End Slide
An instructional slide was created to help show employees how to best use the deck.

Design Process

We first brainstormed “Summit to Success” through a few collected images. A brand mark was created for the event and we paired these together with a few text options. This was iterated on until the concept was resolved.

Conceptual Exploration

We gathered images of mountains and climbers. Concepts branched out into topographic maps, computer-generated mesh landscapes, and the use of posterization.

Concept 01
Concept 02
Concept 05
Concept 06
Concept 07
Iteration 00


For the brand mark we tried different color options and layouts. Once the more effective concepts were paired with type and color, then the better ideas started to emerge. Some of the better iterations that led to the final deck designs.

Inkling SKO 2020 Seals
Different brand mark color and layout options.
Slide iteration 01
3D mesh topography
3D mesh topography
elevation topography
deteriorating posterization
duotone and effects
duotone and effects
posterization and exposure
heat-map topography
color inversion
color blocking and overlaping


We had a tight turn-around for this project. The big idea was rough and the expectations . We were able to iterate quickly on ideas and come to a solid visual scheme which played well across various slide templates. Our sales team was absolutely thrilled with the visuals and were excited to present content using it.

Design Team

  • Terry Hight, Senior Director of Brand and Communications
  • Jacob McAdam, Front-End Designer

This project was made by and for Inkling (2020).

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