78 Nights of Tarot

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78 Nights of Tarot website design and development splash

Project Brief

Design Challenge: How can 78 Nights of Tarot be migrated to a new website platform and be rebranded successfully?

As a hobby I’m a Tarot card reader. I’ve spent years blogging about it as I learn about the art form of reading cards. After deciding the blog needed to move beyond Tumblr into an independent platform I decided it was time to rebrand and migrate all the content I created.

Skills & Tools Used:



The Final Design

78 Nights of Tarot website design and development final website design
Final website for 78nightsoftarot.com


An original design built into a custom WordPress theme. Includes a highly stylized blog and content made to accommodate hundreds of blog posts. The website also features a shopping cart linked to PayPal for quick and reliable checkout.

This is one of Jacob’s passion projects.

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