A website redesign project for Soiland’s 5 different websites

Soiland website design and development project

Project Brief

Design Challenge: how could all of Soiland’s sister company websites be redesigned in a unifying way?

Soiland Company is an incorporated entity comprised of Grab N’ Grow Soil Products, Stony Point Rock Quarry, and Soils Plus Soils and Amendments. The websites were clunky, had poor content architecture, and strayed from the corporation’s branding guidelines. In addition to a poor design, the WordPress platform was outdated and had a lot of vestigial software running to achieve functionality through insufficient means.

I suggested we create a parent theme which would be symbolically linked to all website installations on the server. Then, we would create child themes to overrides styles, post types, and other details for each individual site. This allowed us to create multiple WordPress themes justly slightly over the budget of one.

Skills & Tools Used:

Frameworks, Plugins, and Other Stuff:

  • Materialize CSS
  • FontAwesome
  • Master Slider
  • Advanced Custom Fields

The Final Design

The final design uses a particular color scheme for each website, based on the logo design for each business. Photography was selected to reflect the area of industry products for each business such as gardening, mining tools, or the rock quarry.

Soiland website design and development project,, and home pages on mobile
Grab N Grow website redesign mockup
Stony Point Rock Quarry website redesign mockup
Soils Plus website redesign mockup
Page mockup for
Every home page followed a consistent layout but had different photography, content, and colors.
Page mockup for blog post
Some sites had a blog which used a parallax banner, variety of typographic layouts, and “about the author” section at the end.
Page mockup for product post
Every site featured a series of products with a parallax banner image, description, pricing sheet, and bulk material calculator.
Page mockup for
A unique post type was made for documented projects. Each one featured as its own post.

Interactive Features

The websites serve up a consistent parallax effect across web pages. Various hover effects over images and buttons enhance user interaction. On mobile the user can bring up a modal and select various social links, where they wouldn’t have fit in the top bar design like they do on desktop.

mobile navigation
mobile menu
mobile modal social links feature
social links modal

Design Process

I first designed Grab N’ Grow’s website for mobile and desktop. Once the design was approved I was able to duplicate and re-use the design working flies to change out the way colors were applied to each site design.

Soiland styleguides
Each site had its own branding guidelines so application of color was logical.


The project was a great success! We were able to re-approach the color scheme for Soils Plus in our development phase to correct some of the issues we were having in the mockup/design phase.

Project Team

  • Jacob McAdam: Graphic Designer, Web Developer
  • Sara Ysunza: Project Manager, Content Developer

These websites were made for Soiland Company, Inc. (2018).

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